Year of the Dog Inspiration

Chinese New Year is almost here, and even though I’m an adult,  I’m already having childhood memories of firecrackers, oranges, and red envelopes with special gifts inside. To celebrate last year, I shared some fashion inspiration that went along with traditional practices I have come to learn over the years. This year, I was even more excited for the Lunar New Year animal. Which Lunar New Year animal is featured in 2018? It’s one of my favorite animals: the dog. As it turns out, I’m not the only one who loves dogs. Searching online, I found home decor ideas and kitchen utensil sets from NOVICA, Ten Thousand Villages, and UncommonGoods. I was thrilled to find companies who love this four-legged furry creature as much as I do. Look below to see some home decor and kitchen treasures I uncovered featuring this animal for the 2018 Lunar New Year. Continue Reading ›

One Rule to be an Ethical Fashionista

When friends and family ask me about being ethical or sustainable with my fashion choices, I’m usually met with curiosity and the assumption that everything I own has to be organic cotton. While shopping with my mom and sister during the holiday season, they found a coat they thought I would like and remarked, “It’s made from vegan materials.” I replied that vegan materials are not the sole reason I purchase something and that they aren’t always the best choice. “You would know that,” my sister said. As someone who supports more sustainable and ethical practices in fashion and consumption, I do my best to stay informed. But if there is one priority I have for being an ethical fashionista, it’s not having a closet full of recycled polyester. What exactly do I think is important for someone who supports sustainable and ethical fashion? It’s not having a closet full of organic and recycled materials.

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Should We Plan Everything?

As the end of January approaches, there has been one area of my life this year that I am focusing on: maintaining a work-life balance. Many times, I have spent more hours at work than I intended and figured I would eventually take time off. That type of hopeful aspiration never happens. What usually happens is I aspire to fulfill these goals, but I get burned out from striving to keep them up. After listening to a podcast from Stuff Mom Never Told You about New Year’s resolutions, I found out why. For years, I had been setting goals, but never had action plans. Last year, I found my commitment to affirmations instead of aspirations worked very well. One of the reasons for this success, I found, is because of my commitment to get where I wanted. In order to continue the spirit of affirmations along with advice from the podcast, I decided I would start out by setting a schedule on Google Calendar to arrange my blog, study, and work schedule. Arranging my calendar, I thought this seemed like a great way to incorporate some of my action steps for keeping up with a work-life balance. Did it work? Well, sometimes . . . There were times when I found myself struggling to keep up or not stay a couple of extra hours at work to finish assignments. Does this mean I should give up and forget about planning entirely? Rather than completely throw planning out the window, I decided to give it a second chance.

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5 Things that Give Me Travel Inspiration

I may not be traveling much these days (until I graduate), but I always find time for inspiration even when I’m not on the road. While most people find inspiration through platforms like Pinterest or Instagram, I look elsewhere. In fact, I rarely go online to get the travel bug. Where exactly am I looking for inspiration? I’m not necessarily talking about a where since I don’t have to even leave home to get the urge to travel. There are many items throughout my home, specifically in my bookshelves and the kitchen. If you’re looking for travel inspiration that isn’t online, consider a few of these items that help my own imagination soar.

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Tales of the Traveling Hats

My days as a costumer may be over, but one thing from my past career still matters to me: What’s on my head. I’m not necessarily talking about my hair. On National Hat Day, what’s on my mind is the art and craft of millinery. Why hatmaking? For me, hats provide a sense of nostalgia and a chance to travel back to years gone by. Seeing Kate Middleton with a fascinator or Audrey Hepburn’s wide-brimmed hat in Breakfast at Tiffany‘s instills a sense of romanticism in me. The more I travel, the more I find myself looking for hats. Where exactly have I discovered these sophisticated and whimsical accessories? Follow me as I journey back through former travels and see where I’ve found and worn hats!

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